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I mean, do I want that wide 8-point, that heavy-beamed She stared at me vacantly, as if what I was saying didn't make any sense.
Wearing only a pair of funky stripe-patterned boxers and a thumb ring, he, like his co-performers, stared vacantly into space.
Beneath the shadowless equanimity of Norman Rockwell's America, however, Baxter evokes something like the chilling starkness and human isolation of the work of Edward Hopper: that bleakly beautiful art in which mannequinlike figures are positioned without seeming awareness of one another, tentatively or clumsily posed, staring vacantly into space in scenes that both invite and repel nostalgia.
Four months later, Sumiati has become a poster girl for migrant abuse, alone and staring vacantly from a hospital bed, her face sliced and battered.
Four months later, she is Indonesia's poster child for migrant abuse, alone and staring vacantly from a hospital bed, her face sliced and battered.
OK, so I have a "thing" about those porcelain dolls, which stare vacantly into the distance).
I write," she recited vacantly, "to express beauty.
Now I know there's good and bad but I've been in too many nursing homes where they charge upwards of pounds 600 a week for a threadbare room with some shabby furniture, where disinterested "carers" dress residents in other people's clothes and leave them staring vacantly into space for hours on end.
In the space of 50 minutes, the layers of clothing slipped away, the make-up was wiped off, while the dancers stared vacantly, twisting their bodies and testing the boundaries of the human form.
Heather said: "She was staring vacantly into space with no response when we spoke to her.
It's a surreal sort of place, dotted with teddy bears that grin vacantly at plastic Tiggers, and lined with flat granite markers that often list a single date to denote the birth - and death - of the deceased.