vacate office

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Outing Communications Authority director General Francis Wangusi has said he is ready to vacate office and handover to a properly appointed Director-General.
Dr Masisi said should he lose elections, he would vacate office and support whomever was elected.
'The said lost arose from the decision of the Supreme Court wherein the court directed that all the elected officers in Zamfara State should vacate office for the 2nd runner up of the 2019 General Election.'
McEwan had resigned in April and is set to vacate office soon.
What we allow our MPs, senators and governors to get away with is enough reason for them to resign and vacate office in other parts of the world.
The Listing Rules of the Main Board and GEM provide for all Listing Committee members to vacate office annually.
Siddiqui had sought an extension of two weeks to vacate office, which was accepted by the foreign ministry.
Provision 161 of the Companies Act states that 'a director shall hold office for three years unless they resign or vacate office earlier due to a fresh election, are disqualified from being a director, or otherwise cease to hold office.'
It is a legal remedy to question the fitness and qualification or lack of qualification of a certain person to a government position or a government officer who reached the limit of his term but refuses to vacate office,' he explained.
Odinga however said that he turned down the request saying the time for dialogue with the commissioners had ended and that the only way out for them now was to vacate office.
Gulak secured a court judgment ordering Secondus to vacate office as acting chairman on grounds that his role had ended; but he was denied the post of national party chairman, which went to former Borno state Gov.
Answering Mr Swales' parliamentary question about a coroner's retirement age, Mr Djanogly said the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 requires a senior coroner, area coroner or assistant coroner "to vacate office on reaching 70".