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Moreover, when two people are once parted--have abandoned a common domicile and a common environment--new growths insensibly bud upward to fill each vacated place; unforeseen accidents hinder intentions, and old plans are forgotten.
I only came to have a talk about business, Catiche,"* muttered the prince, seating himself wearily on the chair she had just vacated. "You have made the place warm, I must say," he remarked.
The knife which she had used to cut her way through the brush wall of the hut to freedom she had found sticking in the wall of her prison, doubtless left there by accident when a former tenant had vacated the premises.
The boats of the Wanderer took the place at the landing-stage vacated by the boats of the Sea-mew .
During the progress of this memorable holiday, little Rawdon, if he had got no special liking for his uncle, always awful and cold and locked up in his study, plunged in justice-business and surrounded by bailiffs and farmers--has gained the good graces of his married and maiden aunts, of the two little folks of the Hall, and of Jim of the Rectory, whom Sir Pitt is encouraging to pay his addresses to one of the young ladies, with an understanding doubtless that he shall be presented to the living when it shall be vacated by his fox-hunting old sire.
First that the application should be dismissed and house will have to be vacated forthwith.
Reportedly, most of the houses are vacated and those still living there are being shifted to safer places.
ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) has vacated the illegal possession of the plot measuring around 12 kanals adjacent to the Centaurs Mall which was being illegally utilizing for parking and other commercial purposes by the management of the Mall.
973.155 (2017-18), for the initial confinement time that he served on two convictions that were each vacated while Harrison was then serving the initial confinement portion of the sentence on each respective vacated conviction.
QUETTA -- District officials in different areas of Balochistan during a week-long drive against illegal encroachment got 19 acres of government land vacated.
The Deputy Commissioners submitted their progress on the task, according to which out of 82 in District South 52 parks has been vacated, while remaining 30 are under operation.