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- In this case, the counting of the 30 days of grace period for the vacating of the premises referred to in paragraph two of this Article shall commence from the date the employer deposits the value of expenses and entitlements determined by the Labour Departments concerned.
Many of the decisions after Holloway have questioned the authority federal courts have to order the Department of Justice to consider vacating convictions.
The judge directed the supermarket to pay all outstanding balance and any payments accrued to the landlord at the date of vacating the business premises.
Interior Ministry to convince the police high ups for vacating building in residential area (sector F-7) where CPO Islamabad is situated.
Manjhi has put a precondition for vacating the spacious bungalow to enable Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to move in there.
Part IV considers the propriety of citing vacated opinions for propositions that were repudiated by the vacating court.
American forces had burnt all redundant and useless equipment before vacating the Shamsi airbase in Balochistan.
"We are vacating the plant premises under compulsion as police have threatened action but we will continue to be on strike outside the plant," SPI Employees Union President Sube Singh Yadav said, according to reports.
Witco made the decision to vacate 290,000 SF at the complex while Walter Karl announced it would be vacating its 70,000 SF.
"In vacating last month's `additional guidance' on its own motion, without even waiting for reconsideration petitions to be filed, this supposedly independent agency has capitulated to an organized campaign of distortion and demagoguery."
'I have read the news about this (vacating a parliamentary seat) but there has been no discussion at the party's top leadership level,' she said to reporters at the wedding reception of her eldest son in Ampang today.
The authority requested assistance from the people to counter any unpleasant situation or probable resistance during the process of vacating the suites.