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VACATION. That period of time between the end of one term and beginning of another. During vacation, rules and orders are made in such cases as are urgent, by a judge at his chambers.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The innovative vacation club opened for sales in June 2014, offering a premier family-friendly hotel experience.
Caption: A recent survey commissioned found 80 per cent of Canadians associate vacations with their overall happiness
* Asian and American attitudes toward vacations are similar.
Indians are ranked third highest in saving vacations for future use- 46 per cent of Indians save their vacations for future usage with Malaysia and Singapore leading with 56 per cent and 53 per cent respectively
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Every fifth Bulgarian is spending their summer vacation at home and the reason is mostly the lack of money, a survey by the Bulgarian daily "24 Hours" said.
"You can't create experiences for people in leisure time if they have no leisure time," says Carpenter, who teaches in the School of Architecture & Allied Arts' arts management program and will speak on "Using Art to Promote Vacations (and vice versa)."
I know what you may be thinking: she's out of her mind for writing an article that encourages readers to take a vacation during an economic crisis!
In addition, the total estimated UV dose received on waterside vacations and the number of days spent on vacation were not significantly related to nevi count, suggesting that a threshold dose of UV exposure is received relatively early during each waterside vacation, such that 3-day-long getaways may have the same effect on nevi development as 10-day trips, according to the authors.
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Even at its easiest, scheduling vacations for call center agents can be more challenging than a game of chess.
On the surface, it looked fine: the best clothes, going to Europe for vacations, spending money, and doing all the stuff that everybody else with money does.