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To keep a tab on how many children she vaccinates, Dadi has a unique method.
Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, said: "It is disappointing that we have not been able to come to a national agreement with GPs to vaccinate children from six months to five-years-old.
Lewis sees that 22% as a somewhat positive sign, suggesting that even some parents who are hesitant to vaccinate still trust their child's health care provider.
Farmers who took the decision to vaccinate last year will also need to revaccinate in 2009," said Dr Glossop.
already has enough doses to vaccinate everyone in the country, even before new vaccine is manufactured.
Some believe that a more practical approach is to vaccinate the entire population now.
The Government resisted calls to vaccinate healthy young children against flu this year, saying guidance from scientists states there is already a good deal of immunity in this age group.
A lot of studies have shown that if a doctor recommends it, people are more likely to vaccinate their child.
To vaccinate could mean loss of the EU's non-vaccination status and could have serious repercussions on trade with countries which insist on only trading with FMD-free countries.
The primary strategy is to ring vaccinate as a first line of defence - that means if there is an incident we would vaccinate in that particular area,'' the spokeswoman said.