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"We hope many GPs will still decide to vaccinate under-fives.
National public health officials stress that there is enough vaccine available today should we need to vaccinate all Americans as an emergency measure.
A meeting of Livestock Department was held with its Additional Director, Muhammad Sohail Khan here that reviewed arrangements made to vaccinate cattle against diseases.
Overall, participants reported that the application questions were helpful in their decision to vaccinate their children, with question ratings ranging from 4.33 to 4.98 on a scale from 1 to 5.
However, parents who did not vaccinate their children against influenza were significantly less likely than those who did vaccinate to indicate that getting a viral infection was "a very important" trigger of their child's asthma (47% vs.
Health Ministry official and National H1N1 Management Committee member Olga Kalakouta told the press that since most healthcare personnel work at the bigger hospitals, it made sense to vaccinate them there.
"Once the schools reopen, more than 180,000 students from 407 schools-- independent, semi-independent, private and community schools -- will be vaccinated against the seasonal flu," Dr Diab said, adding that 14 teams of doctors and medics affiliated to the SCH and Hamad Medical Corporation would vaccinate students between 6-18 years of age along with the staff of the schools.
A NEW campaign to get Welsh farmers to vaccinate their livestock against bluetongue has been backed by both farming unions.
"This explains the earlier finding that you can successfully vaccinate these patients with diluted vaccine."
Public health experts are especially relieved that it is not trying to vaccinate the whole population, as some had proposed.
This expands the ACIP's previous recommendation to only vaccinate laboratory workers who directly handle vaccinia or other orthopox virus.
He reiterated that EOC Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is making all out efforts to vaccinate every child during the campaign and will take stern action against any rumor mongers.