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Shelton's portrait of Ingres' alternating public personas--one as an affiliate of the Academy and the other as a self-generated creative genius--provides a new context in which to consider the formal qualities of Ingres' work, which itself vacillates between academic banality and modernist experimentation.
Desan vacillates here, it seems to me, wavering between arguing that Napoleon held conservative views and contending that he merely wished to ensure order.
Yet, at times, the report vacillates between blaming immigrants and placing them on a pedestal.
Today, it vacillates between $60 and $120 per tonne.
The idealistic Klaus often vacillates and broods while Rosanna, although brave and determined, displays the immaturity of youth.
He added: "As the government vacillates about what it wants to do about occupational pensions, and as greedy finance directors take short-term decisions about their companies' pension schemes, we will find in 20 years' time that more and more people are living out the last years of their lives in financial difficulties.
According to Mayer's uneven account, which vacillates between gossipy insider stories and dry detail, the Fed is the "umbrella supervisor" for everything financial, but knows and cares little about insurance, securities and, especially, derivatives.
It is not the kind of stuff that you would ordinarily use to demonstrate a top-drawer system, but it is the kind of mostly easy-listening material that can make one unwind after a hard day at the office, with a style that vacillates between borderline Latin jazz and folk music.
Awash with striking symmetrical shots and velvety smooth transitions, Possible Worlds employs a sensuous palette that vacillates allusively from cool blues, greys and whites to warm ochres and browns.
In its current state, the play vacillates between "Chittlin circuit" melodrama and realism, its style a mixture of soap Opera television drama and the "blues poetics" of August Wilson.
Experienced television, film and voice-over actor Chin vacillates from the innocent voice of Kevin to the more mature, ancient voice of the Time Traveler.
The series can't decide whether to emphasize the jokey or the serious aspects of the show, so the series vacillates between scenes in which the cast members witness video of actual officers being ambushed and silly scenes of celebrities partying and doing their laundry.