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Chapter four, which emphasizes Elizabethan "gynecocratic rhetoric" in the writings of Jacobean men and women (109), cleverly undermines the liberal humanist norm of the "sovereign subject" by stressing the unstable subject position of women who vacillated between sovereignty and subjection.
Prevost vacillated in his youth between a career in the army and one in the church, but, after entering the Benedictine order, his taste for a worldly life won.
If he would later abandon the former approach in favor of his own "de-skilled" take on the latter, in Europe he vacillated freely between the two.
Although he still vacillated between passages of extreme consciousness and others of noodling vagueness, he nevertheless created some of his most exquisite dance moments--imagery and mood that combined the beauty of Matisse's painting The Bathers with the dour subjectivity of a Francis Bacon portrait.
Attributions of various sheets vacillated between the two artists until 1982, when G.