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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Thousands of Tunisians took to the streets on Monday to celebrate the second anniversary of the Arab Spring revolution in the North African country but experienced different feelings towards the post-revolutionary government, vacillating between gratitude and anger.
Kelly, a professor of history at Hartwick College in New York, argues that the competing interests of the slave holding Texans, German immigrants invited to the area by the Mexican government and Mexico's vacillating attitudes towards slavery combined to play a critical role in the development of Texas cultural character.
They thought they had Martin O'Neill (below) until the Irishman got cold feet (the box set) and now there's talk Sam Allardyce is vacillating, which at his age is frankly disgusting.
week, while vacillating during trading sessions in what indicates the
With the US-led process for Arab-Israeli peace deadlocked and Iran's dialogue with the 5+1 powers vacillating between the militarised theocracy's hawks and doves, the result could be a situation so dangerous that, finally, the key players may opt for a face-saving formula of compromises.
I will state unhesitatingly that for pure vacillating stupidity, for incompetence to lead, for ignorance combined with bad judgement, in short for the true talent for catastrophe, Gordon Brown stands alone in my mind.
When you find yourself vacillating between buying that organic apple or the nonorganic one, do you still wonder what difference the choice really makes to your health?
Their demises are tragic not just for what their families and communities lost, but for what they reveal about American officialdom, from the anti-American elites in Washington to the vacillating, tremulous elites in cities and counties.
At the same time, Arquilla criticizes Reagan's vacillating response to terrorism.
But too much time beforehand is spent with Alice vacillating from one misplaced-out venture to another, as clumsily as some of the descriptions used to explain her movements.
Here, Heydenreich is interested in imperfections and inconsistencies of the kind represented by the divergence of "magnetic north" (the naturally vacillating point in the earth's magnetic field that attracts the compass's needle) from "true north" (an artificially stable cartographic approximation).