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Next, after long negotiations and vacillations, coupled with much vivid description of our destitute position, our desolation, and our helplessness, Anna invited us to pay her (as she expressed it) a "return visit.
Micawber so anxiously, in his vacillations between an evident disposition to reveal something, and a counter-disposition to reveal nothing, that I was in a perfect fever.
His vacillations between law and medicine lasted so long that midsummer arrived before he finally separated from Mr.
I ceased to blush for the vacillations of the night, since he condoned them.
She paused for an instant in her work to look at him, and her look revived that former pain in her father's breast; in his poor weak breast, so full of contradictions, vacillations, inconsistencies, the little peevish perplexities of this ignorant life, mists which the morning without a night only can clear away.
President Muhammadu Buhari is a victim of his own reputation, we all remember how we condemned and blamed former President Goodluck Jonathan for his attitude towards curbing the menace of Boko Haram insurgency, and most importantly his vacillation when the Chibok girls were kidnapped.
Baekdu the appearance of a powerful socialist nation which dynamically advances full of vigor without vacillation at any raving dirty wind on the planet," the newspaper said.
The legislators said, " The parties, who won a sizable number of seats on anti- BJP plank, should respect the mandate given to them, shun vacillation and try seriously for the formation of a stable government, which could respond to the real and genuine aspirations of the people.
The production increase comes despite the vacillation of the production of phosphate and in Redeyef and its total stop in Um Larayes for most periods of the year, TAP added.
I try to avoid them as far as possible, mainly because my determination turns to vacillation as time goes by.
Khattak reminded that the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa along with the provincial government are having to bear the brunt of this federal government vacillation with increasing acts of terrorism taking place resulting in the loss of innocent lives.
the subject of procurement are drilling replacement wells nzb-1 water well prezdan in clay public water supply, which is necessary to perform a combined method of vacillation and rotary drilling with air.