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Look around at any congested traffic signal and you will spot car stereos blaring out the funnies even as people sitting inside stare vacuously staring into space and silently grin away.
Bostock's blued-eyed, blond-haired cuteness represents a "morphological type"; he is the late twentieth-century American adolescent, "well nourished and so vacuously secure in [his] own natural and social prerogatives" (Adair, 28).
Colker, trendy Brazilian choreographer that she may be, loses any communication, any message or, in fact, reason as the dance exquisitely, but vacuously, slides along from one set-piece scene to another with a few clever pieces of dance, but generally a dance vocabulary that is more gesture and athletics than substance.
By February 2009, the wording had been softened to children 'actively participate in relationships and communities', while the final version merely stated rather vacuously that children are 'connected with and contribute to their world'.
Because as soon as Joseph Kaiser hit the stage with his drunkenly swaggering, pompous yet vacuously innocent Steva, suspense took hold and didn't let go until the last notes.
The deduction applies in the singular as well, but vacuously.
In Morris' stead these same critics championed the subject of a concurrent exhibition that fulfilled all those criteria deemed proper to art: that of Lucien Freud, described by Krauss as 'a greater phoney of which there never was one, a proponent of vacuously representational art'.
Whilst Blundering Brown smiled vacuously beside Blair?
It depends on the existence of human beings because, in a world with no such beings, (2) would be false whereas (1) would be true, although vacuously.
In that context, your article, "The First Gentleman," makes sense, for it is as vacuously diversionary as it gets
Beauty pageant contestants, all dolled up and ready to strut their stuff, have long provided the world with amusement in their naive (not to mention completely cliched and vacuously idealistic) call for world peace.
Lavish settings boasting economic prosperity, technological advances, and corporate power provide the backdrop for female protagonists who smile vacuously, facing viewers with their feigned, overly cute personalities.