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Is it any wonder, then, that the meticulous care English professor George Falconer takes with his dress at the beginning of Tom Ford's A Single Man, carefully laying out his Tom Ford wardrobe, fully prepares us for the flaccidness of his lecture on Huxley and the vacuousness of his extemporaneous digression on the subject of fear?
A further positive interpretation is suggested in the closing section, a section given over to a detailed discussion of Morgue's character, in which the narrator finally recognises Morgue's emotional vacuousness, his fear of all communication with the Other: "Morgue s'etait tue d'une overdose de cynisme et ce qu'il avait a offrir n'etait plus qu'une enveloppe dont la lettre s'etait egaree" (89).
the moment of silence which will reveal the utter vacuousness of his incessant activity.
If the strapping American was to be admired for his superior industrial society, his vacuousness was ultimately disabling and contemptible.
(16) While those who are nonnative to one theological tradition may "often misunderstand the substance of what is said," they also are in a unique position to "cut through academic superfluage and expose vacuousness" (17) because of their own tradition's perspective, thereby not only leading to a new and mutual Weltanschauung but also a higher viewpoint that would provide richer perspective into each tradition's own self-understanding.
Sheen's eyes at once shine with a schmoozer's surface charm but also convey a hollow sadness in Frost as he faces up to his own vacuousness.
In addition, and in ironic contrast, to this regimented, controlled "masculine" temporality, women came to experience the waiting, the unfamiliar vacuousness of unstructured time that the absence of men and even the hardships of war generated--waiting in endless lines for ration cards, bread, documents, and waiting for their men and children to return, as described most poignantly in Grazia Deledda's 1919 visionary short story "Il ritorno del figlio," and in Ada Negri's 1917 "Mater admirabilis," one of the stories about women alone in her collection Le solitarie.
An exception is Jeffrey Sconce's essay "A Vacancy at the Paris Hilton," which makes the association between female celebrity and the vacuousness of modern culture utterly explicit--although with all of the pernicious value judgments this implies.
Not so, these were long days of adrenaline rushes, empowerment fantasies in a new and wordy empire, creative impotence, utter vacuousness doused with mild sweats until, ultimately, some tentative typing.
He acknowledges, too, the vacuousness of his own artifice and the emptiness of human pretension in general--"The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces [...]" (5.1.152)--that will fade as so much smoke.
(53) With a firm and lucid mind, Cervantes satirically mocks the weak-brained vacuousness of certain poets who, in the process of smoking Pegasus' prized excrement, ironically become the much-feared and abhorred poetasters.
I am only gently mocking this sort of thing because, if you ask me where I stand between the vacuousness of the recent American Conventions and this detailed policy making, I'm with the Lib-Dems every time.