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This celebrity culture's reliance on the most obvious equations between vacuousness, stupidity, femininity and sexual exploitation therefore seem ambiguous, possibly ironic reappropriations of a less-enlightened era's vices.
Not so, these were long days of adrenaline rushes, empowerment fantasies in a new and wordy empire, creative impotence, utter vacuousness doused with mild sweats until, ultimately, some tentative typing.
He acknowledges, too, the vacuousness of his own artifice and the emptiness of human pretension in general--"The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces [.
53) With a firm and lucid mind, Cervantes satirically mocks the weak-brained vacuousness of certain poets who, in the process of smoking Pegasus' prized excrement, ironically become the much-feared and abhorred poetasters.
I am only gently mocking this sort of thing because, if you ask me where I stand between the vacuousness of the recent American Conventions and this detailed policy making, I'm with the Lib-Dems every time.
But from the parts I have read over the past week, I havebeen filledwithasense of generalmisery, bothat the vacuousness of much of Cameron'sworld viewinparticular, and atwhat passes for political thought in Britain more generally.
Neither should it dominate the agenda, public and private, as it has because American foreign policy in the past 16 years has been, in a word, incoherent, with the resultant vacuousness easy to fill with whatever enjoys the greatest power of publicity.
A person possessing vacuousness that even the Simpson sisters (and I don't mean Lisa and Maggie) would aspire to.
With Raphael's elevation to the top position, the author dramatises the vacuousness of the band of aspiring rebels in its grandest terms, by describing Raphael's strategy for toughening his followers.
Similarly, the self-involvement of someone like Wills is also typically male: the bloke who goes on about himself without noticing his own vacuousness.
A final word about this chapter concerns the vacuousness of the idea of localized functions in the brain or, in Uttal's lighthearted terminology, "chunkology" or "bumpology.
Dali would have savored the surrealistic aspect of the enterprise: the vertiginous disjunction between the stated aims of liberal education (widening horizons, acquainting students with "the best that has been thought and said," honing critical and rhetorical skills) and the sordid reality: the mind-numbing commitment to political correctness and intellectual vacuousness, the bizarre elevation of pathologies like "gender studies" (to say nothing of "transgender studies") to a respectable place in the humanities curriculum.