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Conclusion: The use of Manual vacuum aspiration in patients with incomplete and missed miscarriages was effective and safe for uterine evacuation.
1 Need for safe miscarriage procedures compelled health care providers all over the world to move away from conventional dilatation and curettage to safer procedures like medical management and outpatient surgical techniques like Manual vacuum aspiration.
A study in India found that compared with women who had undergone manual vacuum aspiration, those who had had a medication abortion delayed initiation of postabortion contraception and were much less likely to adopt a contraceptive method within a month of the abortion.
Vacuum aspiration was performed, and the conception product was removed with several passes.
Most CHCs could not perform an assisted delivery or manual vacuum aspiration for a spontaneous incomplete miscarriage, but all had magnesium sulphate and oxytocics.
Objectives: To study the efficacy of manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) in <8 wk versus 8-12 wk of pregnancy.
Manual vacuum aspiration in early pregnancy termination.
Inadequate cervical dilation can cause complications during vacuum aspiration procedures, and misoprostol has been shown to increase cervical dilation, said Dr.
For example, women in many settings have reported appreciating the greater personal attention they receive when manual vacuum aspiration is provided in an office setting or lower-level facility.
The first head of USAID'S population program, Reimert Ravenholt, was responsible for having the manual vacuum aspiration syringe, a device used in abortion care worldwide, engineered for mass production.