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12) to make logs under vacuum treatment, setting vacuum pressure and vacuum time.
The three mechanical pumps were designed to be installed in-line with the prostheses and engaged the weight of the user to generate vacuum pressure through two distinctly different activation mechanisms.
Further experiment shown with Figure 6 (with tabulated data) the controlled vacuum pressure inside vacuum chamber, by combining effect of the water pressure supplied to ejector and the air quantity fed into the chamber.
The distribution of vacuum pressure, energy density and space-time geometry are described by the semi-classical Einstein field equations taking c = 1,
Fielding monitoring of vacuum pressure applied to the drain, settlements and pore water pressure changes are an essential part of a vacuum preloading project, as whether the method is effective or implemented properly or not can only be evaluated using the field monitored data.
This manometer measures absolute, gauge or vacuum pressure and features an isolated 316ss sensor that allows it to be used with liquids and corrosives.
Figure 5b is an optical florescence micrograph of the liposomes encapsulating florescent dye flowing through the channel with a vacuum pressure of 5 cm Hg measured at the pump.
The frozen materials are placed in an airtight chamber into which negative vacuum pressure is introduced.
65" wide and weigh about 3 ounces and can create a vacuum pressure as low as 27-inHg at 45-psi inlet pressure.
The SureTrak controls monitor a number of functions, including impact pressure, feeding stroke, slow shot velocity, fast shot velocity, vacuum pressure and time, temperature heating circuits, smelt temperature and humidity inside the die cavity.