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Behind, is its own pressure held in leash of spurred on by the lift-shunts; before it, the vacuum where Fleury's Ray dances in violet-green bands and whirled turbillons of flame.
You can hear the trickle of the liquefied gas flowing from the vacuum into the bilge-tanks and the soft gluck-glock of gaslocks closing as Captain Purnall brings "162" down by the head.
Do not believe them: it only creates a vacuum for eager thought to rush in.
In every instance the veteran landlord was requested to imitate the custom of the cupbearers to kings, and taste the liquor he presented, by the invitation of “After you is manners,” with which request he ordinarily complied by wetting his lips, first expressing the wish of “Here’s hoping,” leaving it to the imagination of the hearers to fill the vacuum by whatever good each thought most desirable.
None of the men got drunk, although there were cocktails in vacuum bottles and red wine in a huge demijohn.
Now, in the natural sciences truth is always a desideratum; and I confess it would seem to be equally so in the present case of domestic uncertainty, which may be called a vacuum where according to the laws of physic, there should exist some pretty palpable proofs of materiality.
He pointed out particularly the lightness of everything, the use of exhausted aluminium tubing, of springy cushions inflated with compressed hydrogen; the partitions were hydrogen bags covered with light imitation leather, the very crockery was a light biscuit glazed in a vacuum, and weighed next to nothing.
Captain Phoebus's heart, like the physics of that day, abhorred a vacuum.
There are hundreds of vacuums on the market and each manufacturer tells you their machine is the best.
They also use more horsepower than the single-stage pumps to create higher vacuums, up to 12"Hg.
Although using industrial vacuums isn't new to the food industry, many companies have tried in the past to use shop type vacuums to clean up dust and debris, and have found them inadequate under the rigorous demands in the food processing environment.
House vacuums employ a powerful pump to distribute vacuum throughout the facility via a piping system that employs traps to safeguard the central vacuum and protects against contamination from errant materials.