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VADIUM, contracts. A pledge, or surety.

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by adopting an amendment to its articles of incorporation and the company has changed its name to Vadium Technology Corp.
Laverson's experience in working with technology companies as well as his knowledge and expertise in the capital markets will reportedly help Vadium as the company expands engineering and grows its comprehensive sales and marketing programmes.
The Vadium is enclosed as an original in the sealed envelope of the undersigned range.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The partial award Vadium 7 000 EUR.
Tenderers must succumbed to the offer a Vadium amounting to EUR 50 000.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The offer is the proof of a giro Vadiums amounting to 5% of the contract sum to settle in the form of a bank guarantee and, the absence of such proof, an unrecoverable defect.
Request by the client culpably does not resolve, the paying-a Vadiums amounting to 5% of the net contract price is determined.