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'It's sealed vith a vafer, and directed in round hand.'
dixi equidem et dico: captes astutus ubique testamenta senum neu, si vafer unus et alter insidiatorem praeroso fugerit hamo, 25 aut spem deponas aut artem inlusus omittas.
Genome sequences have shown the surprising absence of nutritional functions in certain mutualist lineages, such as cysteine biosynthesis (cys) genes in Buchnera of the green bug aphid Schizaphis graminum (Tamar et at, 2002), and the loss of glutamine synthetase (g1nA) in Blochmannia of the ant Camponotus vafer (Williams and Wernegreen, 2010).
However, the poem gives proof of the unshakeable faithfulness of her beloved, Gyges, by describing the temptations he resists in great detail (ignibus uri, / temptat mille vafer modis, 11-12).
"Vafer Baconus: la storia della censura del De augmentis scientiarum".