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Pour le cas oU ces recherches resteraient infructueuses, il sera defere aux tribunaux sous l'inculpation de vagabondage >> (10).
Contemporaries understood vagabondage to be not simply a social but also a religious and a moral problem.
Such is the lesson of Zygmunt Bauman's incisive analysis of vagabondage in the contemporary global moment:
Behind the disciplinary mechanisms," writes Foucault, "can be read the haunting memory of contagions, of the plague, of rebellions, crimes, vagabondage, desertions, people who appear and disappear, live and die in disorder.
From the outset Byron's hero is committed to and animated by vagabondage.
Tales and reminiscences abound on travel, hanging out, music, exploring, vagabondage, etc.
Francis chooses voluntary poverty, even vagabondage, not in order to
The rhetoric of Reformers attempted to present the players as 'common', that is, not under the authority and protection of a household and thus prosecutable under old vagabondage statutes.
Noting that the word rogue from the famous 1572 statute on vagabondage derives from Harman's 1567 Caveat, Woodbridge emphasizes the ways in which early modern texts about the poor distance us from the actual historical reality, even claiming that recorded courtroom testimonies could have been conditioned by ideological discourse about the poor.
Les anthropologues Roberto Kant de Lima et Magali de Lima parlent alors de la production d'une << identite noire alternative >> (1991, 165; MT), dont la definition qu'en donnent les participants est clairement opposee a celle du consensus culturel : << vagabondage (vadiagem) entre amis, jeu dans lequel personne ne doit gagner, mais simplement exercer sa liberte, sa creativite et developper ses aptitudes, de facon autonome et alternative aux options dominantes de la societe >> (Lima et Lima 1991, 166.
On the other hand--when they do approach them in literature, they can never distinguish the roots of their vagabondage.
Hitch-hiking, rags and vagabondage was not, however, the norm for the vast majority of Portuguese embassies, and Xavier's was consequently an unsuccessful one.