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The vagarious notion that volunteer directors, and the organizations they serve, generally underperform has no more credibility than the contention that greater financial rewards for individual directors is the driving force and significant difference between healthy, thriving corporations and failed corporations.
With the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, we see once again whose interests take priority and whose interests will be left to the mercies of a vagarious market if those in power get their way.
to return to its vagarious pursuits, with the "agenda" (a
Thus he ranges over two centuries of poetry in a variety of nationalities and languages, proving he can be just as vagarious in choosing poems he didn't write as in choosing words for poems he did write.
This illustrated the vagarious nature of field evaluation of winterhardiness and the reason controlled environment methodologies were developed (Marshall et al., 1981).
In the 1985 seascape At Sky, Two Birds, painterly blotches combine to suggest the vagarious richness of a natural setting.
Hence the regard for travel writings as an effort to recover lost worlds, more vagarious attempts of recovery.
Although petrochemicals require only 5% of the world supply of crude oil, natural gas, and coal, they continue to be significantly affected by the vagarious fluctuations of the world oil and gas market, its capacities, prices, and other forces.