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VAGRANT. Generally by the word vagrant is understood a person who lives idly without any settled home; but this definition is much enlarged by some statutes, and it includes those who refuse to work, or go about begging. See 1 Wils. R. 331; 5 East, R. 339: 8 T. R. 26.

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Join host, Scullery, a charming vagrant, as he leads people on a tour of Road.
Finally, Fedora 22 Workstation developers received extra developer assistance with the addition of the Vagrant developer environment software into Fedora.
These out of place birds commonly are referred to as vagrants, and they come to North America in a variety of ways-following misguided migration paths, cast upon our continent like Dorothy by hurricane winds, or, in some cases, as stowaways on ships.
The first of the two novels, The Vagrant, will be published in hardback in spring 2015.
LUXURIOUS: The Vagrant in Funchal, Madeira Picture: COLIN LANE
Beggar Girl was by the exported Vagrant (Trumpator-Gipsy), owned originally by Sir John Shelley and bred in 1808.
Not all of these cells would survive the trip, and some would become vagrant germ cells that settled in numerous places in the body cavity.
She calls everyone by name, feeds them, and cares for the vagrant who is accused of having leprosy.
POLICE yesterday dismissed reports that they were hunting a "wolfman" vagrant over a mini-crimewave.
Their topics include the neglected soldier as vagrant, revenger, tyrant slayer in early modern England; famine, poverty, and welfare in India under colonial rule; official responses to beggars and vagrants in 19th-century Rio de Janeiro; disciplinary modernism in tsarist Russia; vagrancy and colonial control in British East Africa; imposing vagrancy legislation in contemporary Papua New Guinea; and doing homeless in Tokyo's Ueno Park.
Twenty years later, a vagrant sleeping rough on the streets of Leeds, he became the target of a sustained campaign of police brutality and was drowned in suspicious circumstances in the River Aire in the spring of 1969.
A VAGRANT was forced to spend the night in the freezing cold after the shelter he had made himself was burned down.