vague suggestion

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I could have thought him the old Wolf Larsen, and yet there was in his movements a vague suggestion of weakness and indecision.
The word Palestine always brought to my mind a vague suggestion of a country as large as the United States.
Macalister thought Hayward a poor creature, and sneered at his delicacies of sentiment: he asked satirically about Hayward's literary work and received with scornful smiles his vague suggestions of future masterpieces; their arguments were often heated; but the punch was good, and they were both fond of it; towards the end of the evening they generally composed their differences and thought each other capital fellows.
The after noon breeze would incite to a weird and flabby activ ity all that crowded mass of clothing, with its vague suggestions of drowned, mutilated and flattened hu manity.
I went on with my day's business tranquilly; but ever and anon vague suggestions kept wandering across my brain of reasons why I should quit Thornfield; and I kept involuntarily framing advertisements and pondering conjectures about new situations: these thoughts I did not think check; they might germinate and bear fruit if they could.
But at some point during the school year, Gard said, the school administration sent out a note with a vague suggestion of alarm, asking teachers to keep an eye on him.
Chest X-ray showed both severe hyperinflation and flattening of diaphragm with vague suggestion of a small density in the right lung field.
state legislatures have started to notice, encryption is too important to be a vague suggestion for a security standard.
The opposition also holds a vague suggestion that additional money can be "found," if necessary, but the sources cited don't seem valid or readily accessible.
fCf But there was a vague suggestion from UEFA that the final phase of the Champions Leaguemay be expanded from 32 to 64 teams.
The effect suggests Polke-esque caprice or can perhaps be read ironically as the supremely vague suggestion of a figure.
The vague suggestion of further tinkering in British racing's traditional calendar makes me wonder whether this might involve something more radical - moving the Champions Day to the second Saturday in September, still at Ascot, of course.