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Imprecise; uncertain; indefinite.

The term vague is frequently used in reference to a statute written in language that is so indefinite or lacking in precision that an individual of ordinary intelligence is forced to guess at its meaning. Statutes that are vague are ordinarily void on that ground.


Void for Vagueness Doctrine.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
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"We Were Vaguely Saints" was picked up by Canadian media publication Exclaim!
irregular vaguely neurotic rim shots of the stick clicking horizontally
Why don't you measure your dad?" said I, in a vaguely threatening manner.
The law permits only vaguely defined "therapeutic abortions." But the idea of a 9-year-old giving birth shocked many Nicaraguans.
Sevier points out that "when colleges package themselves for students of color, they should identify attractive aspects, such as the availability of African-American-related courses and majors, and tutoring services." First, there's the vaguely racist assumption that African-American prospective students are the only ones who would find the availability of African-American-related courses and majors attractive.
The page was clearly marked "advertisement," and anyone even vaguely familiar with the editorial position of this magazine should know that the ad espoused views we find anathema.
I vaguely felt that the object (the subject) was missing in this work.
As we peer through the looking glass into 2002 I can vaguely hear the talk of words unspoken for many years "Tenant Allowance Free Rent." From a retailer's perspective, that's "music to my ears."
Assessment begins at home with the planning process, and even given all the variables and vicissitudes of the typical college classroom, it may well end at home, in the lap of the instructor grimly recording strings of "C's" while only vaguely more aware of why students fared so more poorly than they are themselves.
Despite being well-acted and capably directed, there is something vaguely unsatisfying about Hindsight.
"Let's say my intent at this point is to stay on," he says vaguely. "I can't answer the real question about what I'm going to do until sometime in the future."
Vaguely organic, vaguely retro, these lamps from Fire Bird put the modern in modernist.