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VAGUENESS. Uncertainty.
     2. Certainty is required in contracts, wills, pleadings, judgments, and indeed in all the acts on which courts have to give a judgment, and if they be vague, so as not to be understood, they are in general invalid. 5 B. & C. 583; 1 Russ. & M. 116 1 Ch. Pract. 123. A charge of "frequent intemperance" and "habitual indolence" are vague and too general. 2 Mart. Lo. Rep. N. S. 530. See Certainty; Nonsense; Uncertainty.

References in classic literature ?
Tempted I already was, but as yet the temptation was vague, and its very vagueness made me tremble.
And Arnold answers it," said Blanche--as a still stronger instance of the provoking vagueness of the description.
She was glad to go there, for Henry had implied his business rather than described it, and the formlessness and vagueness that one associates with Africa had hitherto brooded over the main sources of his wealth.
In the vagueness and indistinctness of all her new experiences and perceptions, as everything about her was mysterious to herself she began to be mysterious to others: and became as difficult to be made out to anybody's satisfaction as she found the house and everything in it difficult to make out to her own.
It had that typical vagueness which is not vacuity, that blankness which is not simplicity, that look of being committed to nothing in particular, of standing in an attitude of general hospitality to the chances of life, of being very much at one's own disposal so characteristic of many American faces.
All was sweet and mellow and peaceful in the golden evening light, and yet as I looked at them my soul shared none of the peace of Nature but quivered at the vagueness and the terror of that interview which every instant was bringing nearer.
Mothers who visited the school to introduce their sons put his vagueness down to activity of mind.
When deliberating about distribution of powers between Chairman Privatization Commission and the board, Senator Farhatullah Babar observed vagueness in Privatization Ordinance 2001, as it was silent regarding who the members of the commission are and how it was constituted.
This will be similar to the vagueness in the controversial term 'psychological incapacity,' which was listed under Article 36 of the Family Code as a ground for the currently allowed annulment of marriage.
Such kind of vagueness in the law is repugnant to the Constitution because it violates due process for failure to accord persons fair notice of the conduct to avoid.
Summary: After stormy weeks of anxiety, apprehension and vagueness that shook the foundations of governance in Lebanon, this week promises some good tidings, and hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel.
Not only do the military and the government seem weak and duplicitous when it alludes that no more strike will be permitted, despite the fact that they continue anyway, the vagueness also create ample ground for domestic criticism in Pakistan.