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Stimulating the vagus nerve sends signals the opposite way than they might normally flow, sort of like kids in a playground who run up the slide and climb down the ladder.
Vagus nerve stimulation: effectiveness and tolerability in 64 paediatric patients with refractory epilepsies.
ElectroCore's proprietary, non-invasive electrical stimulation therapy works by the patient placing the device on the skin over the vagus nerve in the neck.
Instead, acetate somehow influences the brain to send a "make insulin" signal through the vagus nerve to the pancreas.
It was determined that some branches ramified from middle cervical ganglion were connected with the vagus nerve (Figure 1-k) and caudal branch (Fig.
Extensive coverage of the Vagus Nerve Stimulators under development
Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a new nonpharmacological treatment for PRE.
VNS implantation is a surgical procedure in which a control battery is implanted in the left chest wall and an electrode is wrapped around the vagus nerve that passes vertically down the neck within the carotid sheath while the patient is under general anaesthesia.
The system includes a rechargeable electrical pulse generator implanted into the lateral chest wall, connected to two electrical leads placed around the abdominal vagus nerve via a laparoscopic procedure.
Other conditions can also be treated by devices that stimulate the vagus nerve.
This also fits with the results of a recently published study conducted by other researchers, which found that stimulation of the vagus nerve facilitates relearning, says Meyer.
There is compelling evidence that the success of the procedure in terms of ulcer recurrence depends primarily on the experience of the operator and knowledge of anatomy of gastric branches of vagus nerve in the abdomen.