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The most vain age is 27, with people of this age looking in the mirror an average of 52 times a day.
And if formally these pictures evoke the New Objectivity, outlining the real in rigid structures, they no longer celebrate the triumph of an architecture made of steel and the faith in modernity: On the contrary, they record, as if before its complete disappearance, a familiar and outmoded world--that of small shops (portraitist, lingerie, radio-TV-appliances)-and the signs, at once so important and so tenuous, of social success and people's vain efforts to arrange their environment.
Michael and Pauline Woodman said the decision meant their son had not died in vain.
At the ball, the Prince, very handsome, is totally self-centered and vain and it is his quiet secretary, Dandini, with whom Cinderella falls in love.
In vain yelps the wainscot mouse; In vain beats the hour; Vacant, his body must drowse Until daybreak flower -
Furthermore, as he stated in Politics, "If nature makes nothing incomplete, and nothing in vain, the inference must be that she has made all animals for the sake of humankind.
As VAIN III is a true vaginal cancer precursor, the innocent disregard of recommended screening practices averted significant morbidity and possibility mortality for this otherwise healthy woman.
Prevention of vaginal and vulvar pre-cancers caused by HPV 16 and HPV 18: GARDASIL prevented 100 percent of HPV 16- or 18-related VIN 2/3 (vulvar pre-cancers) or VaIN 2/3 (vaginal pre-cancers).
For the attention of: Bruno Vain ou Marie-Christine Vimont
New colleague Amanda Holden probably thought she'd seen the back of vain, Botoxed, permatanned co-stars after Simon Cowell quit.
It's a vain, vain world we live in and if I have to do something to maintain my physical appearance I'm going to do it" - Entertainer Caprice (pictured) who has changed her mind on cosmetic surgery.
Summary: Paul Collingwood's defiant 95 was in vain as England end their campaign on a Lord's low with a 42-run defeat against Australia.