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After North Tyneside, Newcastle was the next vainest part of Tyne and Wear with 97 businesses at a rate of 2.
London, May 6 ( ANI ): A UK man, who seems to be the vainest in the country, has claimed that he is so handsome and irresistible that the ladies just can't say no to him.
The Burj Al Arab in Dubai was named the world's vainest building, with 124m of uninhabitable space at the top.
They manage to convince the vainest head of state the world had ever seen, and his complete court, that he is parading down the street in the most wonderful clothes by simply saying they exist, while in actual fact he is in his undies.
Now Cardiff researchers have shown that some of the rarest beasts in the world are also among the vainest - with a series of candid webcam-style photographs from the jungle floor.
Experience has shown the inconveniences that result from not fol- lowing the ninth rule of the Catalogue and Appendix of Prohibited Books, as set out by the briefs of the High Pontiffs Sixto V and Urbano VIII [and] published in 1640, which gives the form and manner that must be followed in Judiciary Astrology, predictions, nativities, the formation of figures, interrogations and favorable days, in which rules are given or affirmed with the vainest of fore- sight and consideration of the time and moment.
In 2007, Forbes claimed Salt Lake City was the vainest city in America based on the number of plastic surgeons per capita.
He was also "the vainest little man of all little men, and his vanity continually effervesces out of him as naturally as ginger-beer froths.
The vainest, most slap-happy and irreverent of men, in the presence of redwoods, goes under a spell of wonder and respect.