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DeYoung also introduces the idea that being vainglorious is a capital sin in the sense it is the head (or source) of several other vices.
David Cameron should watch it before he decides on too much vainglorious 'celebration'' of WWI.
Dr Morgan describes the political leadership of the last two decades as 'delusional, short-sighted, vainglorious, obsessive and spineless.
Central to both narrative and mayhem is one Necessity Bonehill, first encountered as a stroppy boarder at Rookery Heights Academy for Young Ladies and subsequently as the liberator of the djinn: it becomes her mission to thwart his vainglorious machinations, whether on some of London's meaner streets or in a more distant African oasis.
The report suggested investigation had also exonerated Broad and concluded that Bailey was the only person responsible for the parody account, which suggested Pietersen was vainglorious and obsessed by money.
The account, which suggested Pietersen was vainglorious and obsessed by money, was followed by several members of the team and, at times, even elicited a good-humoured response from Pietersen before his attitude abruptly changed as his relationships with the ECB and his England team-mates deteriorated.
The attempt "may prove very exhausting and at times even dangerous, but the results could prove to be glorious and possibly even vainglorious," the company said in a statement.
A vainglorious Osama Bin Laden dyed his beard black and put on golden robes when he appeared before camera to record his ominous messages to his followers and adversaries from a hideous den in Pakistan.
The Irish are just as revolted by the antics of this vainglorious man as the rest of us.
I FOUND Will Batchelor''s vainglorious lampooning of the BA dispute worse than irritating, not out of adversity to satire and healthy cynicism, but precisely because his column was ill-informed about an industrial dispute that by threatening the holiday plans of millions of passengers, is emphatically more than a "little spat" centred around "vastly discounted air travel" for striking (and sacked) cabin crew.
Many headline-grabbing expeditions are more an exercise in vainglorious back-patting than purposeful exploration.
England's fawning media would love to see the vainglorious Mourinho make the last four so that they can marvel even more at how wonderful he is, but the Russians continually have defied the odds during this campaign and they are confident they have one last trick to produce.