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Senator Norris told the Seanad yesterday: "If one looks at 1916, I believe Yeats was correct in his first impression of some of these people when he said they were vainglorious.
Forget the amount of time and effort wasted by the diplomats and politicians negotiating this vainglorious woman's return.
But although I hate to side with the snobbish and vainglorious Winner, he may have a point.
As a footnote, it's interesting to learn that the ship's reallife crew allege that Phillips was no hero, but a vainglorious man whose lack of common sense led to the hijacking.
This is the man who has made the term vainglorious fashionable again, after years of neglect.
The essential ingredient in such programmes is the presence of a vainglorious and over-inflated little tick who is given enough rope to hang himself.
Hywel Francis will speak at the event, while Peter Hain, a politician whose office accepted pounds 100,000 for his vainglorious deputy leadership campaign, will complain that people today are "anti-politician"!
This quality comes across with such force that by the time you've finished this mesmerising read, you could be forgiven for regarding the metaphor as an affectation, a vainglorious conceit.
SIR - A R W Davies (Letters, Sept 30 ) calls for 'our vainglorious and shallow' Prime Minister to go, and how right he is.
Like Coventry, the Manchester club also play in sky blue and Reeve insists it is not an aggressive, vainglorious or menacing shade.
We have never had a prime minister as vainglorious and shallow as Blair.
Front up and say he's seeing his own vainglorious ambitions in tatters unless his much-vaunted forward pack comes right, and despite the fact the Lions brought a team the size of a small West Coast mining town, precisely for the purpose of PR, everyone can get stuffed until he's restored the Lions' pride.