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Pride is about position and power and vainglory is about attention and acknowledgment.
This volume is effective both as an introduction to Christian thought regarding vainglory and to the topic's contemporary relevance.
For all the ambition of its construction, Dubai's Burj Khalifa is a modern building made for vainglory rather than for purpose, says Stephen Bayley in the Telegraph.
The plan to emulate Sheffield shows there is an element of vainglory becoming apparent.
If within the vainglory of Zane's work there is at least a scrap of amusement, Whitney Bedford's paintings lack so much as a trace of it.
As he falls onto the forest fire, dressed ridiculously as a frogman, the scuba-diving office worker concludes that the distance between glory and vainglory is infinitesimal, mere smoke.
Geographically speaking, Khuzestan is to Iraq what Czech Sudetenland was to Germany on the eve of World War II and, like that region, it bore the brunt of its western neighbor's expansionist vainglory.
Bigger, faster, smarter than anything previously attempted, the LHC is modern civilization's answer to the pyramids of Egypt, but better: a monument to curiosity, not superstition, whose scale reflects function, not vainglory.
Acting powerhouse Darroussin makes palpable a protective father's feelings for his child and an immature man's vainglory, while radiant newcomer Demoustier achingly depicts a dutiful daughter who's ready to be her own person.
Whether exterior or interior or both, temptations to sin were perceived as enemies, so that the monk had to fight both a war against the forces of The Enemy and a war against his own internal inclinations to pride and vainglory.
While the Bush administration is characterized with ignorance, vainglory, and stubbornness, the war cabal must be aware of the fact that democracy does not serve its cupidity in our region.
But this is my column and as, like Sherlock Holmes, I've always considered false modesty to be just as absurd an affectation as vainglory, I can tell you with absolutely no fear of informed contradiction that I am a truly great sub-editor.