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Jovi to settle the land dispute between Seraphim and the Valens spouses since both were relatives and distant kin of Atty.
Holly, the 22-year-old frontman of the Crickets, Valens, the 17-year-old singer of "La Bamba," and Richardson, the 28-year-old behind "Chantilly Lace," were on their Winter Dance Party tour.
As the inventor of HDBaseT and founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, Valens has the technology and expertise to undertake the goal of commercializing HDBaseT-enabled vehicles in the near future.
Valens, who was worried at rumors of the approaching Huns, allowed the Thuringian Goths to cross the broad Danube and settle on Roman territory in hopes of enlisting them in defense of the empire.
The ystanbul branch of the Archaeologists Association made a statement about the banner on the historical site, saying, "We have documented the election banners on the Valens Aqueduct.
He burst into popularity in 1971 with his hit American Pie, about the deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper in a plane crash on February 3, 1959 - The Day The Music Died.
Abstract--The red turpentine beetle (RTB), Dendroctonus valens LeConte (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), which is native to North America, is an invasive wood-boring insect species in China with disastrous consequences.
In which year did Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the 'Big Bopper' die in a plane crash?
Following an application by Slovenian functional ingredients producer Valens Int.
This hit musical follows the tragically short life of the inimitable glasses-wearing guitar god from his first recording contract through to his move to New York, concluding with his fatal tour of Midwest America when the plane he was sharing with Richie Valens and The Big Bopper in February 1959 crashed in Iowa.
A DONNA Fox, then Donna Ludwig, was only 16 when Valens died in 1959.