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Benzoic acid, valeric acid, butyric acid and propionic acid were obtained from Merck, whereas phenolphthalein and sodium hydroxide were reagent grade.
The synthesis of new polymer VALPOx with active carboxylic acid moiety was achieved via conventional aromatic nucleophilic substitution polymerization technique from 4,4,-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) valeric acid and 2,5-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole; the polycondensation was carried out at elevated temperature in NMP/toluene azeotrope in presence of anhydrous pulverised potassium carbonate as catalyst.
But as far as horrific smells go, valeric acid takes the cake.
And if that's not enough to chill you out, your favourite treat also contains valeric acid, which is a known relaxant and tranquilliser.
A synergistic effect of BA and LAB on decreasing the butyric and valeric acid proportion could be observed at 35 d, but the BA treatment did not have any effect on proportions of butyric and valeric acid at 21 d.
To reduce the aggregation among ZnO nanoparticles, an effective surface modification method was proposed then, 4-cyano-4-[(paramethoxy phenyl carbon thiol) solfanyl valeric acid (raft agent) was synthesized by substitution of di paramethoxy thiobenzoate magnesium bromide with 4,4'-azo bis (4-cyano valeric acid) in ethyl acetate as a solvent.
citric acid, propionic acid, butyric acid and valeric acid in the medium.
There seems to be an increase of iso-butryic and butyric acids production while no clear pattern was observed for valeric acid production in all the three test feeds.
Also present is valeric acid, which is a relaxant and tranquilliser and so is very good at countering stress.