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Valetudo, at the Durham Light Infantry Museum and Durham Art Gallery, showcases 30 paintings by resident psychiatric patients at the St Paul Maison de SantA in St RAmy de Provence, France.
The Valetudo Association was founded in 1995 by doctors, staff and patients at the hospital.
In past ages, pilgrims begged the goddess Valetudo for good health at a nearby ancient spring.
Elsewhere, Cicero promises that since his friends have led him to hope for his return, he would not discourage her efforts to help him and would try not to be pessimistic about his return: dabo operam ne mea valetudo tuo labori desit ("I shall take care not to let my health let your efforts down," Fam.
VALETUDO - Women Artists in Psychiatric care, Friday, February 27 - Thursday, April 7, at The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library.