valid notice

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On 16 February 2018 the Board of Directors of the Company resolved that the best way in the current circumstances to protect the interests of the Company and its shareholders as a whole is that the ROFR also be accepted by RUSAL but strictly on the basis that the Letter is held to be a valid notice for the purposes of the Framework Agreement.
Sample this: the CCI had stated in 2011 that it will give a ruling within 30 days of filing a valid notice.
a corporation with more than $10 million of capital) must pay fifty percent of the amount assessed as owed by it in respect to corporate income tax, interest, and penalties that are in dispute under a valid notice of objection and one hundred percent of any amount assessed as owing in respect to the nonresident withholding tax that are subject to an objection.
Its spokeswoman insisted that: "When we receive a valid notice of intellectual property infringement, we promptly remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing content, we also terminate the accounts of repeat infringers in appropriate circumstances.
A tenant can end a periodic tenancy by issuing a valid notice to quit to you as landlord.
Payment can be done within 30 days after the bill of lading date, which is when the goods have been loaded onto the vessel, or 15 days after a valid notice of readiness (NOR) tender date at the discharge port, whichever is later.
2013 issued by Mr Sanjay Patel was not a valid notice as it did not clarify as to under whose authority ( as to whether it was issued under the authority of Mr Srinivasan or Mr Jagmohan Dalmiya was not clear) was rejected by the court.
The Eleventh Circuit found that the statutory requirement proposed by the Shockleys, that a petition be filed in response to a valid notice of deficiency, could not be found on the face of the statute and could not be squared with the plain language of the statute.
In a written ruling appeals manager Lisa Hughes concluded: "I am satisfied that the trust has served a valid notice to terminate the agreement and will not interfere.
The Board has 21 days from receipt of a valid notice to call a meeting of shareholders which must be held within 2 months of the request.
TV licensing officers will be out in force on the evening of the contest to try and catch out those without a valid notice.
Although the notice is typically from the employee and either oral or in writing, a valid notice can also come from a representative of the employee--for example, a family member, friend or physician--may also provide notice.