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In order to ensure a maximum level of safety, ValiDATE never saves a member's credit card or billing information -- allowing members to feel that their information is safe with this added layer of protection.
On an ongoing basis, the software continuously monitors and validates the health of a SAN throughout changes, growth, migrations and consolidations.
The subscriber presents herself and her identification information to a registration authority, who validates that the subscriber is who she says she is.
But any roll out of the Validate card is bound to confuse retailers, who are being urged to support CitizenCard.
They intend to validate green sand by the summer of 1995.
Ixia's test systems are used by Network and Telephony Equipment Manufacturers, Semiconductor Manufacturers, Service Providers, Governments, and Enterprises to validate the functionality and reliability of complex IP networks, devices, and applications.
The DrugTargetDatabase(TM) significantly enhances the ability of pharmaceutical companies to effectively identify and validate new targets.
merchants who have already or will validate PCI compliance by August 31, 2007, and have not been involved in a data compromise.