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Oracle s Validated Demographics is a welcome addition to the marketer s tool box that can enable smarter decision-making during the pre-bid process to drive improved campaign accuracy and ROI.
We are excited to join the Global Management Alliance program, as it is designed to help ensure optimal application performance and availability with Quest's validated application management solution for enterprise BEA customers," said Larry Humphries, vice president, application management solutions, Quest Software.
The matching ready-to-use and validated SYBR(R) Green-based qRT-PCR assay portfolio is supplemented by QIAGEN's QuantiTect(R) Primer Assays for real-time RT-PCR providing specificity and sensitivity comparable to sequence-specific probe-based assays.
First, if an approved protection profile (PP)--a statement of security requirements that addresses existing threats in specific technology areas--exists, purchases are restricted to respectively: validated products that match that existing PP; products submitted for validation with a security target written against that PP; or other U.
By choosing Siebel eBusiness Applications and validated partner solutions, Siebel Systems' customers can pursue a best-of-class software acquisition strategy and quickly deploy the very best solution available.
For example, a five-level treatment difficulty measurement system could be validated by calculating, by level or score, the probability of death of all hospital patients.