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Although these developments satisfy the first and second elements--understanding of the basic biology and toxicology, and platforms amenable for toxicity testing--the third element, validation and regulatory acceptance, has been more difficult.
Of course, incorrectly applying rules or parameters can create an abundance of validations which defeats the purpose of managing and reducing data errors.
CSSC has extensive experience performing computer systems validation in the areas of Laboratory Information Management, Computerized Maintenance Management, Sales Force Automation & Sample Accountability, Enterprise Resource Planning, Building Management, Clinical Labeling, HPLC, Record Imaging, Pharmacovigilance, Customer Relationship Management and Manufacturing Execution.
With the adoption of service-oriented architectures, we're seeing an increased interest in automated, in-line data quality validation services," said James A.
By utilizing Corsec's turn-key services, we will be able to streamline this complex validation process in the most efficient way possible.
nCipher's netHSM has been integrated with the Tumbleweed Valicert Validation Authority to protect the integrity of the cryptographic private keys, enable strong, secure validation of certificates and accelerate the cryptographic processing.
SYNAVANT's proprietary Computer Systems Validation methodology adheres to FDA system validation guidance and draws upon its extensive experience in the development, implementation and support of Sales Force Automation (SFA) and CRM systems for the life sciences industry.
Validation partners will receive extensive training on Ross' iRenaissance ERP, SCM and CRM suites, and iRenaissance Validator, an application for developing master action plans, templates and test scripts, and validating manufacturing systems and processes.
The validation gives F-Secure significant competitive advantage in the North American markets, as U.
Others perform their own validations and may use standard libraries from Cetan Technologies or scripts custom-designed by Cetan Technologies.
OFML presents forms that look just like paper originals and allows users to embed "intelligence" such as calculations and validation parameters into these forms.
NYSE:CSC) announced the release of its new Common Sense Validation (CSV) methodology for conducting Food and Drug Administration-compliant validation of new enterprise information and document management systems -- specifically, those built upon packages from SAP Inc.