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The minister also recalled the National Program for Territorial Cohesion, launched in 2016, which aims to "create the conditions, through the development of public policies, that make it possible to value the territories of the interior, investing in greater cohesion, valorization, diversification the economic base and the connectivity of the territories to the world in general and to the Iberian market in particular ".
The project, which targets 14 delegations in the county's center-west (Kairouan, Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid), provides for the valorization and rehabilitation of 9 thousand hectares of irrigated perimeters in the targeted rural areas, the development of 32 km of rural tracks, the development of agricultural value chains, strengthening agricultural productivity and the valorization and marketing of products.
The increase in coffee prices registering in the New York Futures Market, a valorization of 36.
Maybe the drama in conversion narratives is more easily rendered, Or maybe it capitalizes on the valorization of coming out as gaydom's central ritual, But that doesn't explain why it's a lesbian-only convention, Rose Troche suspects that reversal is the culprit: that the reality of lesbian friendship circles offscreen is precisely why the films avoid them, "Lesbian films have a stake in presenting lesbians as sexy because we've always been told we're not," Troche argues, "And conversely, gay male films are saying, Hey, we're not just about sex--we have friendships too, Both kinds of films are reactions to prevailing stereotypes.
Second International Social Role Valorization Conference to be Held in Boston
The concept of community integration and the empowerment model have their roots in social valorization, right to choose and risk, individualization and consumer control.
the Tuscan Regional Administration for funding the territorial research project "Preservation and Valorization of the Cultivation of Iris for rhizome in the area of Pratomagno" (Recupero e valorizzazione della coltivazione del giaggiolo da rizoma (Iris spp) nella zona del Pratomagno), coordinated by the Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISE)
Introductory chapters look at the food processing business, its by-products, regulatory issues and concerns of valorizing by-products, and the need for such valorization.
Nevertheless, the tendency in the Baroque age to revive the philosophical dimension of the Tabula did not come from the Italian Renaissance tradition--in which a figurative and literary valorization prevailed--but from the Transalpine culture that operated during the seventeenth century according to a solid exegetic praxis, a true "encyclopedic-doctrinaire canonization" of Cebes' work.
It could be argued that the decision to activate institutional valorization is the outcome of a quite rational inference that we and our society are wrongly "programmed," that we need to confront the mess we're in.