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the bank's Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory group looks at factors behind the F&A industry's changing view on waste, and examines how some notable companies are investing in waste valorization.
The increase in coffee prices registering in the New York Futures Market, a valorization of 36.
Ethics," finally, is the necessary acknowledgment that all humanistic discourse results in acts of valorization, of valuing.
She sketches the connections between post-Tridentine confraternal life, lay piety, and what she calls "the valorization of pain.
This R&D collaborative partnership is getting French governmental support through the program "Apres Sequencage Genomique" (Post Genomic Sequencing) launched jointly by the French State Secretariat to the Industry and the ANVAR (French Agency for the Valorization of Research).
Maybe the drama in conversion narratives is more easily rendered, Or maybe it capitalizes on the valorization of coming out as gaydom's central ritual, But that doesn't explain why it's a lesbian-only convention, Rose Troche suspects that reversal is the culprit: that the reality of lesbian friendship circles offscreen is precisely why the films avoid them, "Lesbian films have a stake in presenting lesbians as sexy because we've always been told we're not," Troche argues, "And conversely, gay male films are saying, Hey, we're not just about sex--we have friendships too, Both kinds of films are reactions to prevailing stereotypes.
Second International Social Role Valorization Conference to be Held in Boston
We can make compacts or conventions of valorization.
The concept of community integration and the empowerment model have their roots in social valorization, right to choose and risk, individualization and consumer control.
Also, she has recently been appointed on the Board of the Canadian Centre for Diamond Valorization.
Subject of the order are the benefits of collecting and conveying hazardous waste from private households by use of a pollutant Mobile (mobile collection point) and of valorization or of eliminating this collected waste within the meaning of the recycling law (KrWG) in approved facilities.
Knowledge commercialization and valorization in regional economic development.