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Overall, Joel-Brock the Brave and the Valorous Smalls is creative quirky with appeal for fans of similar novels.
In sketching the historical context of the novel, his article thus showcases "the proud Spaniard" of the Golden Age who demonstrated himself "full of the valorous spirit to fight for that abstract honor which is of no benefit to himself.
Following his valorous actions during The Battle of Scarpe in August 1918, Sgt Pegahmagabow received his second bar.
He does this by presenting portraits of a number of valorous soldiers who might have received honorifics but did not in Iraq and Afghanistan, each chapter opening with their place of origin, military position, and any awards received.
They will swear he lived a glorious death: swift and valorous, the royal
A Heritage Walk of the palace that tells the tale of the royal dynasty of Mewar, of valorous rulers like Maharana Pratap.
The most valorous of them were the fiercely independent folk in and around Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, in the mountains of south-central France.
Hemingway on Courage" finds Hays reviewing bravery in Hemingway's works; he surprisingly claims: "Hemingway is not monolithic about valorous acts .
An elaboration of an earlier history by the same authors (and Nancy Keeling, who is listed in the acknowledgments of this work as a reviewer), We Served with Honor assembles the recollections of a wide range of airmen and others, across all ranks, on the history and accomplishments of this valorous unit.
You are free to follow valorous dreams and go down fighting, but you are not free to foist them on your people whom you are sworn to protect, a responsibility they have given you in trust.
I'm obviously here to support jobs and apprenticeships but also because my dad was stationed in Inverkeithing in 1943 into '44 on HMS Valorous.
Israeli president Shimon Peres: Arik was a valorous soldier and a bold statesman who contributed much to the security and building up of the State of Israel.