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I'm obviously here to support jobs and apprenticeships but also because my dad was stationed in Inverkeithing in 1943 into '44 on HMS Valorous.
Among the valorous men christened "Tigers of the Snow", it was Nawang Gombu who appeared to best weather the push and pull of fame.
Israeli president Shimon Peres: Arik was a valorous soldier and a bold statesman who contributed much to the security and building up of the State of Israel.
Though the exact number of missed combat actions is difficult to estimate, casualties can be used as a proxy for combat actions since each casualty due to hostile action probably represents a chance for valorous action.
While his characterization applies very well to Varya's initial response to another's need, it cannot account for her second, less valorous one, in which she shows herself to be selfish and unkind.
The next day she travelled to CFB Borden where she awarded the Royal Canadian Medical Service (RCMS) with "The Princess Royal's Banner" as a sign of Royal favour in recognition of the members' sacrifice and valorous service in Afghanistan since 2002.
In fact, valorous service medals are sometimes awarded to officers who, while engaging in acts of "exceptional valor in the face of extreme hazard.
For example, why is it that the best-trained, best-equipped, and most valorous army in the history of warfare was, nevertheless, unable to fully defeat the largely uneducated and lightly-armed tribesmen it significantly outnumbered and wildly outgunned?
They earned the right to wear it by valorous actions.
Those who by valorous ways become princes, like these men, acquire a principality with difficulty, but they keep it with ease.
In Tyree's view, even if Oprah failed to convince the masses to love Faulkner, her intention and effort were valorous and consistent with the highest ideals of democratic education.
In describing a valorous peasant leader, Taruc writes, "He had a saying: 'To die on Monday and to die on Wednesday is the same.