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This ruthless pretender has not only kept the whole world in a blaze of wonder and excitement, but has involved the loss of many a true and brave Briton, who has valorously maintained his country's honour, but he has also lost his aspirations, deceived many thousands of his own countrymen and led them on to death or to a life of misery, their homes despoiled and gone, their hopes shattered and annihilated.
On the other hand, the more bibulous actors of my acquaintance often struggle valorously to control their habits, realizing, no doubt, that immoderate behavior will eventually affect their performances on stage.
A large number of these ZI units were sent overseas after 1943 and were involved in combat in the various war zones, serving valorously in campaigns in the Pacific, Europe, and other theaters.
Neatly balancing irascibility and moral authority in an understated manner that strongly recalls Spencer Tracy, Uljanov plays Ivan Fedorovic, a former railwayman who served valorously during World War II as a marksman with the elite Voroshilov regiment.
Robin Hood is obviously around quite a lot, battling valorously with the booming Sheriff of Nottingham (the nicely villainous Christopher Farries) and changing at one point into King Arthur.
Of course, we will have to accept with true Canadian tolerance that, unlike Roberts' "Teddy Bear" of "great decision," this Pooh of ours is but "a bear of very little brain," and must, more discreetly than valorously perhaps, forego his honey till it comes safely in a jar.