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Among the 913 women prescribed valproic acid, six babies (0.66 pc) had spina bifida, as compared with 616 babies (0.03 pc) born to women not taking an epilepsy drug.
L had been taking valproic acid for approximately 2 weeks, her mother noticed she became extremely lethargic and took her to the emergency department (ED) of a community hospital (Visit 1) (Table 1, page 47).
Valproic acid is one of the new antiepileptic drugs used extensively in the last twenty years for epilepsy, bipolar affective disorders, schizophrenia, and for migraine attacks prophylaxis (9).
It takes 3-4 weeks for an SSRI to really kick in, whereas mood stabilizers like lithium and valproic acid usually kick in almost immediately, within a couple of days to a week," explained Dr.
Valproic acid's primary medical use is to treat and prevent epileptic seizures, though new properties are coming to light.
Dominko, "The dual nature of the antiepileptic drug valproic acid, with possible beneficial effects in Alzheimer's disease," SEEMEDJ, vol.
The researchers calculated rates of major congenital malformations in 1,402 pregnancies exposed to carbamazepine, 1,280 on 1amotrigine, 1,010 on valproic acid, and 217 on phenobarbital, and all showed that the frequency of birth defects increased along with the dose of the drug.
Inhibition mechanism of carbapenem antibiotics on acylpeptide hydrolase, a key enzyme in the interaction with valproic acid. Xenobiotica.
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