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asked Esther, wo always sat near to watch over and lock up the valuables.
I also learned a valuable lesson at Hampton by coming into contact with the best breeds of live stock and fowls.
Perhaps the most valuable thing that I got out of my second year was an understanding of the use and value of the Bible.
But by far the most important consideration, to Werper, at least, was the incalculably valuable treasure in the little leathern pouch at Tarzan's side.
This seemed to Tarzan a splendid plan for safeguarding valuables.
Very valuable is the appendix to Mair's translation (Oxford, 1908) on "The Farmer's Year in Hesiod".
It's distressing for anyone who has had their car broken into, even more so if valuable things are stolen.
The best way to help secure your vehicle is to remove all items from show, even if you don't think they are valuable.
com, which offers valuable resources for the business community and increases EDC's transparency.
They hired him anyway, and he worked with agronomists, while learning about valuable information technologies (IT).
Two years ago, rotations--the core of NAVSEA's Systems Engineering Development Program--were cited as the most valuable aspect of the program by 60 percent of the engineers surveyed.