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There certainly are times that you will be required to valuate your trade secret assets.
Valuate increase and estimate its value for economic benefits (direct employment benefits per year, for continuous duration).
At that time, there wasn't much out there in terms of companies evaluating privately-held firms, so we saw the need to develop a program on how to valuate them.
The main purpose of this workshop is to provide researchers and practitioners an opportunity to share the most recent advances in the area of data mining, pattern refinement and intelligent knowledge management, to generate new methods to valuate the mined patterns and determine directions for further research.
An independent body needs to come in and valuate based on cost, quality, comparatively, and [on the] amount of investment.
The importance of such a certificate is to valuate companies in the Arab region in light of the increased market demand for such valuation for the purpose of sale, privatization, etc.
A company subsidiary, Rio Tinto Alcan, will valuate cost, timetable and conditions for completing the expansion of the Alma smelter.