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The process of determining the value or worth of an asset. There are several methods professionals use to perform a valuation, often including both objective and subjective criteria. Valuation is often used as a synonym for appraisal.


noun assessment, calculation, determination, estimate, estimated value, estimation, evaluation, examination, fixing a price, measurement, quantification, reckoning, setting a price, setting the value, summary, survey
Associated concepts: property
See also: account, appraisal, appreciation, assessment, census, charge, computation, conclusion, cost, determination, estimate, estimation, expense, face amount, idea, measurement, par, perception, price, rate, rating, regard, value, worth

VALUATION. The act of ascertaining the worth of a thing; or it is the estimated worth of a thing.
     2. It differs from price, which does not always afford a true criterion of value, for a thing may be bought very dear or very cheap. In some contracts, as in the case of bailments or insurances, the thing bailed or insured is sometimes valued at the time of making the contract, so that if lost, no dispute may arise as to the amount of the loss. 2 Marsh. Ins. 620; 1 Caines, 80; 2 Caines 30; Story, Bailm. Sec. 253, 4; Park Ins. 98; Wesk. Ins. h.t.; Stev. on Av. part 2; Ben. on Ins. ch. 4.

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A transformative politics of recognition and redistribution has to deal with several issues: an understanding of certain types of work as dirty, a division of labour that sustains the performance of such work by women of certain castes/class and a cultural valuational principle that determines that cleaning is women's work.
Finally, the assessment employs valuational selection.
The program of logical positivism propagated by the Vienna Circle in the early decades of the 20th century sought to salvage naive empiricism with the systematic, methodological reintroduction of logical relations, while maintaining the inadmissibility of valuational relations, thus hardening the positivist commitment to fact/value duality.
This valuational "inconclusive[ness]" and subversion of standards constitutes nihilism.
Differences in underlying valuational commitments or Justificatory strategies hardly enter into the story.
Is theological understanding saved when the word `God' is held to refer to `a subjunctive meta-assertion for a valuational complex' and `an attendant seeing-as' (p.
Although I have not pursued this issue here, their views are certainly not immune to criticism--for instance, it is not always clear how Heller and Feher, conceive of the exact nature of the dialogical relation between distinct "forms of life," given that each utopian perspective makes strong normative and valuational claims, regardless of the principle of "radical tolerance," and nor does Heller convincingly demonstrate the means or agency by which any given utopian vision (including her own rational utopia) might be realized concretely, particularly given her reservations about class-based or revolutionary sociopolitical movements (see Bernstein, 82-83; 94-95).
Harrell assumes that valuational relativism is true unless there is at least one value whose causal ground is untainted by the process of acculturation.
valuational system and motivational system may not completely
The answers are as many as there are different cultural, religious, and philosophic perspectives--each characteristically aiming at a comprehensive world vision and interpretation, 6each expressing its own particularities and valuational emphases.
Large, geographically dispersed communities, on the other hand, are characterized by a diversity of traditions and values, so the minimal valuational demands of the market would appear especially attractive to members seeking rational forms of social cooperation.
The most powerful factors determining the internal climate are unexamined valuational commitments.