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The process of determining the value or worth of an asset. There are several methods professionals use to perform a valuation, often including both objective and subjective criteria. Valuation is often used as a synonym for appraisal.


noun assessment, calculation, determination, estimate, estimated value, estimation, evaluation, examination, fixing a price, measurement, quantification, reckoning, setting a price, setting the value, summary, survey
Associated concepts: property
See also: account, appraisal, appreciation, assessment, census, charge, computation, conclusion, cost, determination, estimate, estimation, expense, face amount, idea, measurement, par, perception, price, rate, rating, regard, value, worth

VALUATION. The act of ascertaining the worth of a thing; or it is the estimated worth of a thing.
     2. It differs from price, which does not always afford a true criterion of value, for a thing may be bought very dear or very cheap. In some contracts, as in the case of bailments or insurances, the thing bailed or insured is sometimes valued at the time of making the contract, so that if lost, no dispute may arise as to the amount of the loss. 2 Marsh. Ins. 620; 1 Caines, 80; 2 Caines 30; Story, Bailm. Sec. 253, 4; Park Ins. 98; Wesk. Ins. h.t.; Stev. on Av. part 2; Ben. on Ins. ch. 4.

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Over the last 20 years, the evolution of academic research, computer spreadsheets and capital markets has done much to advance the level of sophistication and supportability associated with the valuation process.
clarify the conditions under which the special valuation rules may be used (including on corrected Forms W-2 and 1099); and
Commercial Property Appraisal today announced the industry's first automated valuation system that creates commercial property valuation reports based on the property's cash flow.
CLIENTS SEEKING A VALUATION typically rely on professional advice about whom to engage.
The Service should allow taxpayers to measure insolvency by averaging two valuations performed by well-qualified professional appraisers.
As with deferred tax assets arising from operations, the Exposure Draft would require the consideration of a valuation allowance at the date of the business combination.
NYSE:NCI), announced today that it has expanded its Valuation Services group with the addition of John Oates, Rick Meyer, Lauren Hill, and other staff members.
The best valuations of IP assets come from cross-disciplinary teams that include a patent attorney and a technology person as well as a CPA.
59-60 explained, "Because valuations cannot be made on the basis of a prescribed formula, there is no means whereby the various applicable factors in a particular case can be assigned mathematical weights in deriving the fair market value.
In 2006, Bill's expertise was critical in the development and integration of a valuation application that was approved by Freddie Mac.
CPAs perform valuation services for numerous purposes, including transactions, financings, taxation planning and compliance, intergenerational wealth transfer, ownership transition, financial accounting, bankruptcy, management information, and planning and litigation support.
This highly complex appraisal problem requires the services of impartial appraisers, with professional accreditations, such as the MAI and SRA designations, and experience in facade preservation easement valuations.