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A person selected or appointed by a competent authority or an interested party to evaluate the financial worth of property.

Appraisers are frequently appointed in probate and condemnation proceedings and are also used by banks and real estate concerns to determine the market value of real property.


n. a professional who makes appraisals of the value of property. Some specialize in real property, and others in other types of assets from rugs to rings. A careful, well-trained and practical appraiser may be more important than any other professional in a transaction, since one who grossly undervalues or overvalues property (or has no knowledge of true value) can wreak havoc. Where possible, a person should ask for a profile of other clients and training, and ask whether the appraiser is "MAI" (Member, Appraisal Institute). (See: appraise)

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APPRAISER, practice. A person appointed by competent authority to appraise or value goods; as in case of the death of a person, an appraisement and inventory must be made of the goods of which he died possessed, or was entitled to. Appraisers are sometimes appointed to assess the damage done to property, by some public work, or to estimate its value when taken for public use.

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This generally guides the Surveyor / Valuator thinking on the best valuation method, in conjunction with the available data.
The out-spouse's valuator did not mention it, but many business brokers also think of value in terms of transaction values, where the total of all consideration passed at any time between the buyer and seller for an ownership interest in a business enterprise represents the value.
To develop the income stream for a business, the valuator usually reviews the taxable income on five years of the business' tax returns.
Technology has also made appraisers and valuators less reliant on databases.
In short, the business valuator is estimating that to get a 40 percent return on an investment in Cirr Grocery, one would need to pay $1,168,890.
The first step in the valuation process is to gather the pertinent documentation required by the valuator.
Comparing the company in relation to its peers allows the valuator to determine whether it is more or less risky.
Determining past and current revenue performance shouldn't be a difficult task for the valuator.
At its September 1992 meeting, the AICPA Board of Directors cleared the way for the Institute's second accredited specialty, the Accredited Business Valuator.
Tenders are invited for Empanelment Of Fie (Fellow Of Institute Of Engineers), Fiv (Fellow Of Institute Of Valuator) And Iso Valuators As Vendors For Mapping Buildings And Campuses Using Total Stations And Documenting Floor Wise Land Utilization Area Statements Within The Jurisdiction Of R.
Clarifying facts regarding a video circulating on the social media, alleging the sale of Roosevelt Hotel - a property owned by PIA Investment Limited (PIA-IL), a subsidiary of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC), it said even the process for hiring a financial advisor or valuator for the Roosevelt Hotel's privatization, which was the first step under the law for initiation of any transaction by the PC, was not yet started.
The company added that Jenson Labrie is a chartered accountant and chartered business valuator and has graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce (Distinction).