valued at

See: ad valorem
References in classic literature ?
Beaver was valued at two dollars per skin, though worth five dollars.
Honest John Hull's pine-tree shillings had long ago been worn out, or lost, or melted down again; and their place was supplied by bills of paper or parchment, which were nominally valued at threepence and upwards.
McCord contributed equal and identical interests in assets valued at $12,294,384 ($6,147,192 each) to a Texas limited partnership (LP), McCord Interests, Ltd.
Back in our office, we did some digging and found out that Project Pachyderm's two-year contract was valued at $600 million.
Under a fair market value standard, a 10% interest in a company valued at $100 might be worth $5 because of discounts for lack of Control and lack of ready marketability.
This review provides a comprehensive analysis of more than 290 significant upstream transactions valued at $160 billion.
Some tax advisers may conclude that they should be valued at exercise, as required under Sec.
When ESOs are valued at grant date, it cannot be known for sure how many will be exercised, nor how many will be forfeited and therefore never exercised," says Finnerty.
The FASB provides an example in which a loan payable is valued at the discounted amount of future cash flows.
Alcan reserves the right to substitute an equivalent amount of cash in place of all or a portion of the Alcan Common Shares to be delivered, valued at the Reference Value (The fraction of an Alcan Common Share to be delivered for each 1 Pechiney Common Share or each 10 Pechiney Bonus Allocation Rights, and/or any cash equivalent to be delivered, is hereinafter referred to as the "Offered Security Component".
2031(a) requires a gross estate to include all property of the decedent valued at the date of death.