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Little could the first pioneer who had traversed it have ever imagined that the fairest prairies and the most lush water pastures were valueless compared to this gloomy land of black crag and tangled forest.
The lumber was practically valueless for export to other settlements across the mountain roads, which were equally rich in timber.
From that moment the sheep had begun to gather to the fold -- that is to say, the camps -- and offer their valueless lives and their valuable wool to the "righteous cause." Why, even the very men who had lately been slaves were in the "righteous cause," and glorifying it, praying for it, sentimentally slabber- ing over it, just like all the other commoners.
Accept them, lady to me they are valueless. I will never wear jewels more.''
That is another reason, if another reason is needed, why a treaty between us would be valueless. You and I--the whole world knows that before a cycle of years have passed Japan and America must fight.
On my view of characters being of real importance for classification, only in so far as they reveal descent, we can clearly understand why analogical or adaptive character, although of the utmost importance to the welfare of the being, are almost valueless to the systematist.
In some parts the estate is of no width, that is to say, the land cannot be irrigated, and therefore is valueless, like the surrounding rocky desert.
Speaking during last week's Thursday morning breakfast show at Radio Jambo, CBK governor Patrick Njoroge reiterated that the old Sh1,000 notes will become valueless starting October 1 and that the deadline will not be extended.
In the Lower House audit report, COA called on congressmen to initiate "house cleaning" by disposing of "damaged, valueless and insect-infested documents" that have accumulated in various offices.
Mike Kendrick, a pal and business associate of Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson, is behind a team which infuses rhino horns with a toxic pink dye which renders it valueless once severed.
The toxin and inedible dye renders a horn valueless, and the risk of being caught and convicted is hugely increased by the DNA evidence.
As these could be ripped up within seconds of the new Tory leader taking office, any agreement struck with Mrs May was valueless. This was a crisis imposed on the country by the Tories.