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Of course it's all valueless, just so much dull and sordid plodding; but it is no more dull and sordid than keeping books at sixty dollars a month, adding up endless columns of meaningless figures until one dies.
To the traders who came and objected most strenuously of all, he said: "Your objections are valueless.
On my view of characters being of real importance for classification, only in so far as they reveal descent, we can clearly understand why analogical or adaptive character, although of the utmost importance to the welfare of the being, are almost valueless to the systematist.
In some parts the estate is of no width, that is to say, the land cannot be irrigated, and therefore is valueless, like the surrounding rocky desert.
The physical strength in which he had trusted seemed to him at that instant a valueless and impotent thing.
Marian took them from me and hid them carefully, and I set aside a little weekly tribute from my earnings, to be offered to her as the price paid by strangers for the poor, faint, valueless sketches, of which I was the only purchaser.
Yet in its ill-lighted window, among a flaring handkerchief or two, an old peacoat or so, a few valueless watches and compasses, a jar of tobacco and two crossed pipes, a bottle of walnut ketchup, and some horrible sweets these creature discomforts serving as a blind to the main business of the Leaving Shop--was displayed the inscription SEAMAN'S BOARDING-HOUSE.
The latter is valueless if the stains are a few hours old.
Little could the first pioneer who had traversed it have ever imagined that the fairest prairies and the most lush water pastures were valueless compared to this gloomy land of black crag and tangled forest.
Transforming Britain into a Chinese colony is an inversion of history and a surrender to tyranny that shows Dave is utterly valueless.
The shares are valueless and no longer traded as of the Final Liquidating Distribution.
Of course, the rise of the Labour Party, dominated by the English migrants, ensured that the Welsh language was not encouraged or taught in schools as being valueless, and a common viewpoint in the party today increased the decline.