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Olds (1976) Helping your child learn right from wrong: a guide to values clarification.
In an effort to avoid the criticisms aimed at values clarification while maintaining a relatively secular approach, school-based character education began focusing on identifying and directly promoting ethical values and virtues thought to be widely shared and even "universal.
More attention needs to be given to the role of values in people's belief systems and the application of both planful and intuitive decision making, in the context of values clarification, to facilitate clients' choices across multiple and changing career-life roles.
Values clarification is a key component of individual attitudes in the area of career development and ought to be strongly considered when making career decisions (MacKay-Lassonde, 1996).
A teacher's guide put out by the National Education Association favors values clarification over character inculcation.
Banned in Boston 2003" is a benefit for Urban Improv, a violence prevention program for young people that uses structured theater improvisation to teach decision making, impulse control and values clarification.
The remaining four are formal theories of moral education: moral transmission, cognitive development, values clarification, and emotional formation.
Examples include completing self-assessments, values clarification, as well as role playing, observations, job analysis, and job accommodation evaluation.
Values clarification allows inmates to explore their own values systems in a structured environment without institutional pressure to change.
Teaching topics include background on opposition to sexuality education, the sexuality of the sexual educator, learning strategies (including case studies, gaming, values clarification, and resource speakers), age-appropriate lessons, sexual counseling, and evaluation of sexuality education.
Of additional interest is the training-of-trainers course which included values clarification and making trainers comfortable and confident in discussing sex and sexuality, the development of the curriculum and the selection of topics based on perceived needs of adolescents, and the responses of teachers and young people.
Through several sessions devoted to values clarification work and career fantasy exercises, Dan learned he could use his expertise and skills in other ways.