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The values clarification method is well suited for values education in a pluralist society.
This values clarification approach to character education was also strongly criticized for what many saw as the promotion of moral relativism.
Values clarification as a tool to increase medical student self-awareness of discomfort with patient behaviors, poster
The underlying philosophy of Values Clarification holds that for teachers to promote virtues such as honesty, justice or chastity constitutes indoctrination of children and 'violates' their moral freedom.
Louis Raths, Merrill Harmin, and Sydney Simon's 1966 work, Values and Teaching, introduced the values clarification method, which was situational and individualistic, focusing on individual choices and on the decision-making process.
Fifty-four students in a suburban, Midwest high school participated in a four-part values clarification curriculum.
Using Values Clarification to Improve Career Decision Making
The methods of law (Hodge and Gostin) clarify cases, establish precedents, and set legislation to instruct, debate, and reform, thereby newly to inform studies of values clarification.
The first group received an information-only intervention (I) focusing on STD/ HIV prevention information, values clarification, and birth control.
For the past two decades recreational therapists have incorporated values clarification activities into leisure education programs.
Could they have learned that kind of behavior in values clarification class in school?
Though there is disagreement on whether values clarification precedes role realignment or vice-versa (Beer, Eisenstat, & Spector, 1990) there is consensus in varied literature bases that mission and values are crucial (Corrigan, 1995; Drucker, 1992; Hamel, 1996; Rogan, 1993).