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Pathologic changes that alter the mitral apparatus restrain valve mechanics, affect fluid dynamics, and promote valvular insufficiency. Tethering and coapting forces act on the leaflets, as well as forces that affect annular size, papillary muscle position, and transvalvular pressure (15).
In addition to stenosis, an aortic valve may become leaky, a condition known as valvular insufficiency. When the valve cannot close tightly, blood may leak across the valve and not enough blood will get pumped throughout the body.
The distribution of valvular insufficiency according to valve involvement TVI 48 PVI 4 TVI-PVI 4 PVI--pulmonary valve insufficiency, TVI--tricuspid valve insufficiency Note: Table made from pie chart.
--Chronic dental disease and associated bacteremia are inciting causes of valvular insufficiency.
Objectives: To determine differences in diagnosis of valvular insufficiency by color doppler ultrasonography in standing or semi-Fowler position and Valsalva maneuver or distal compression.
The decline in peripheral resistance may positively affect patients with regurgitant valvular lesions, such as aortic or mitral valvular insufficiency, who may profit from afterload reduction (4).
SAN FRANCISCO -- The use of pergolide in patients with Parkinson's disease is associated with a markedly increased risk of developing cardiac valvular insufficiency, Richard B.
It is also called endocardiosis or valvular insufficiency and is most common in smaller dogs, especially the poodle, fox terrier, chihuahua and, in particular, the Cavalier King Charles.
In 1998, the patient had undergone aortic valve replacement for culture-negative endocarditis and valvular insufficiency. A serum sample drawn in November 2000 was tested by IFA and demonstrated IgG antibodies reactive with C burnetii phase I antigens at a reciprocal titer of [greater than or equal to] 524,288.