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Meanwhile, five other suspects will stand trial in connection with four cases of allegedly vandalising election billboards and defaming candidates.
THE ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) once again found itself on the back foot on Monday, with its Chandni Chowk MLA Alka Lamba being booked over charges of trespassing and damaging property after a CCTV footage emerged, showing Lamba and her supporters vandalising a shop in Mori Gate.
Sunderland captain Lee Cattermole, 23, is accused of vandalising five cars close to the home of his club's arch-rivals, Newcastle United.
A police spokesman said: "The vandals have removed the front access covers, located near to ground level, vandalising the incoming electrical supply and internal electrical control.
More than 20 people living near the park in Splott, Cardiff, took action when they started vandalising cars and making flame throwers.
Apparently there are several life drawings in the works, all with the mysterious title of Irate Motorist Thumps A Vandalising Git
"It was always being ruined by graffiti and we wanted to make it look better and prevent people vandalising it again."
A girlfriend has avenged herself for his two-timing ways by vandalising his car.
SEVERAL suspects have been arrested for allegedly vandalising election billboards in Muharraq.
'On Sunday around 25-30 activists from the VHP came near the western gate of the Taj Mahal and started vandalising the newly installed turnstile gate for ticket collection for Taj Mahal and Saheli ka Burj.
If vandalising was not enough, Kadam -- the Sena MLA from Niphad in Nashik -- even threatened to disrobe one of the female attendants in the toll booth, on the Mumbai- Agra national highway on Thursday.
Likewise, Chuchepati of Chabahil remained tensed for some time after the police tried to obstruct the Maoists from vandalising vehicles.