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Abdusemi said the mosque had been vandalized once before in its 15 years.
She said several places down the street were vandalized, as was Columbia Valley Community Health.
The case is unique because it involves a publicly displayed menorah, and because it was vandalized three times, said Detective Dennis Blackstock.
who had broken the $25,000 agreement, because the tenant had vandalized the apartment.
My vehicle was vandalized after the fire -- my windshield was smashed --and my golf clubs were stolen from the trunk.
Check out the list of other instances when anything bearing Trump's name was vandalized.
Published on Friday, 11 October 2013 10:14 PressTV Israeli settlers attacked two Protestant cemeteries in the Occupied Palestinian territories this week and vandalized a number of tombstones.
Summary: The inside of a church in the village of Bharsaf, Mount Lebanon was vandalized, the National News Agency reported Monday.
Two houses own by an Iranian-American in Kansas City, Missouri, have been vandalized with threatening and obscene words and images scrawled across them.
The school was vandalized on a Saturday evening in July, and deputies have arrested three former Piute students suspected of causing the vandalism.
amp;DB_OEM_ID=28500&SPID=103701&SPSID=657769) Clemson University symbol and tradition at the school was vandalized.
She said government has to spend $ 5 billion to repair vandalized pipelines and replaced old pipelines which can be vandalized.